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King's Armory

This is our current inventory of ammuntion. We like to believe that we offer the best prices in the area with the best selection possible. We think you'll agree, our prices are the best. If you have a caliber, or gauge, that's not listed, please let us know. It may already be on our want list.

Pistol Ammunition

Ammo, 10mm, Hornady, 180gr, XTP, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 25ACP, Fiocchi, 50gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 32S&W Long, Fiocchi, 97gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 357 Sig, Winchester, 125gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 38 Special/357 Magnum, CCI, #9 shot, 10rds


Ammo, 44SPL/44Mag, CCI, #9 shot, 10rds


Ammo, 44 Remington Magnum, Magtech, 240gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 44 Special, Hornady, 165gr, XTP, 25rnd/bx


Ammo, 45ACP, CCI, #9 shot, 10rds


Ammo, 45LC, Fiocchi, 250gr, LRNFP


Ammo, 9mm, MPBW, 125gr, 100rnd/bx


Rifle Ammunition

Ammo, 17 HMR, Remington, 17gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 17HMR TNT, CCI, 17gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 17 HMR XTP, Hornady, 20gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 17WSM, Winchester, 25gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 22LR, CCI, #12 Shot, 10rnd/bx


Ammo, 22MAG, Winchester, 40gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 243 Winchester, 100gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 243 Winchester, 55gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 243 Winchester, 70gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 243 Winchester, 95gr, 20rnd/bs


Ammo, 30 Carbine, Wolf, 110gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 30-06, Hornady, 150gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 300 AAC Whisper, Hornady, 110gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 303 British, S&B, 180gr, SP


Ammo, 308WIN, Federal, 150gr , 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 32ACP, Remington, 71gr, 50rnd/bx


Ammo, 32WIN, Remington, 170gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 6mm REM, Hornady, 95gr, SST


Ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor, American Eagle, 140gr


Ammo, 7.62X39, MilSurp, 20rnd/pk


Ammo, 7.62X54R, Tula, 148gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 7mm Magnum, Winchester, 150gr, SP


Ammo, 7mm-08, Fusion, 120gr, 20rnd/bx


Ammo, 8mm Mauser, PPU, 196gr, SP


Shotgun Shells

Ammo, 20GA, Estate, #7.5 Shot


Ammo, 20GA, Federal, #7.5 Shot


Ammo, 20GA, Federal, #7.5 Shot, 100cnt


Ammo, 20GA, Federal, #8 Shot


Ammo, 20GA, Remington, #3 Buckshot


Ammo, 20GA, Winchester, #7.5 Shot


Molon Labe