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King's Armory

King’s Armory is happy to assist with your FFL transfer needs. Please read the following policy carefully before buying a firearm for transfer through us:

FFL Transfer Policy

From another FFL to King’s: $20

From an individual to King’s: $30 (Contrary to common belief, it is LEGAL for an individual to ship a firearm to an FFL for transfer.) If you are arranging to purchase a firearm from an individual, to ship to King’s for transfer to you, please have the shipper(seller) enclose a copy of their driver's license, State ID card, or US Military ID.

NO Class 3 - Sorry.

I do NOT provide copies of my FFL to the customer. If you buy a gun online (for instance, from a dealer on Gunbroker), you'll need to provide me with:

• the dealer's contact information

• your (the purchaser) contact information

• a description or serial number of the gun you purchased

I will then contact the dealer and provide them with a copy of my FFL, and then the dealer will ship the gun to me. I will notify you when it arrives, and you can come pick it up! Please note that before I can transfer the weapon to you, you will need to fill out a 4473 and pass a NICS check. If there is any question in your mind about either of these stipulations, please contact me and let’s discuss your questions or concerns.

Mauser K98