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King's Armory

This is our current inventory of firearms. The list is quite dynamic and will not always be up to date, despite our efforts. We like to believe that we offer the best prices in the area. New guns are usually well below MSRP with used guns priced as reasonable as possible. We think you'll agree, our prices are the best.


Rifle, CAI, Mosin Nagant M44, 7.62x54


Rifle, Enfield, Snider (Pattern 2) w/ Bayonet, .577


Rifle, Henry, Big Boy, 45LC


Rifle, Howa, 1500 w/ Scope, 270Win


Rifle, Mauser, 1891, 7.65x53


Rifle, Nepal, Gehendra, .577/.450


Rifle, Nepal, Gehendra, .577/.450


Rifle, Ruger, American Compact w/ Scope, 308WIN


Rifle, Ruger, Precision w/ Scope, 308WIN


Rifle, Savage, Axis, .223


Rifle, Savage, Axis w/ Scope, 243Win


Rifle, Savage, Axis II XP w/ Scope, 243Win


Rifle, Savage, Axis w/ Scope, 270Win


Rifle, Savage, Model 12 w/ Scope, 223Rem


Rifle, Smith&Wesson, M&P15 Sport, 5.56


Rifle, Springfield, 1873 w/ Bayonet, 45-70



Shotgun, Emperor, MXP12, 12GA, Pump


Shotgun, Linberta, 01LSTAC, 12GA, Semi


Shotgun, Tristar, Cobra II, 12GA, Pump



Pistol, Armscor, M1911A1, 45ACP


Pistol, Ballerstar-Molina, Auto Pistol, 45ACP


Pistol, Beretta, 92FS, 9mm


Pistol, Beretta, 92FSR, 22LR


Pistol, Browning, Buckmark Camper, 22LR


Pistol, Essex, Govt Model M1911, 45ACP


Pistol, Glock, G17 Gen4, 9mm


Pistol, Glock, G26, 9mm


Pistol, Glock, G43X, 9mm


Pistol, Glock, G48, 9mm


Pistol, Jimenez, JA-380, Blue Titanium, 380ACP


Pistol, Kimber, Micro 9, 9mm


Pistol, Remington, R51, 9mm


Pistol, Ruger, LCP, 380ACP


Pistol, S&W, M&P45, 45ACP


Pistol, SCCY, CPX-2, 9mm


Pistol, Sig Sauer, P220 ST, 45ACP


Pistol, Sig Sauer, M400, 5.56mm


Pistol, Taurus, PT92AF-D, 9mm


Pistol, Taurus, TF40, 40SW


Pistol, Uramex, Beretta M9A3, .177


Pistol, Walther, PK380, 380



Revolver, Ruger, GP100 Match Champion, 357 Magnum


Revolver, Ruger, Single Six, 22LR


Revolver, S&W, BG38-1, 38SP+P


Revolver, S&W, 642-1, 38SP


Revolver, Taurus, M605, 357 Magnum


Revolver, Taurus, M82, 38SP


Revolver, Uberti, 1858 New Army, 44 cal, BP


Revolver, Uberti, 1861 Navy, 36 cal, BP


Molon Labe